Homeless in America
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More Americans are homeless every day. 

 17 Million are living in cars.  38 Million living in RVs - Full time
This does not include those homeless on the streets 
Instead of waiting for them to die -- together, we can solve oue problems.
Welcome to the escape route to renewed Prosperity & Freedom
​Dedicated to the Memory of Jack Kemp
He understood the Problem
and took steps to solve it.

​Human Investments is the holding company under which PAYE and related resources and operates.  We are now in the process of incorporating and building our teams. 

2.5 million American children experienced homelessness in 2013, up 8% since the previous year.  62 percent of all Americans are one paycheck from homelessness. One emergency will put them in their car or on the street, joining the growing number of Americans experiencing trauma, depression and the failure of our 'safety net' to provide help. 

If you believe homelessness is the result of stupidity, sloth or bad luck you are wide of the mark.  It can happen to anyone. Half of all homeless are families.     

It is time Americans stopped waiting for someone else to do 'something,' especially since the only governmental solution is to increase taxes, further stall small business, and push more off the tenuous teetering ledge onto the streets.  

We gave worked out solutions which are investments, not charity.  Rejecting the dichotomy between these two approaches we identified what is most important in an investment today.  That is security, security, security. Along with this we  can raise the standard of living for all of us, eliminating poverty as we know it today.  

Utah proved in 2005 the most driving need for those who are homeless is a secure place to live.  This is the obvious issue, and we can solve it.  See Steps Back for more on this and on the issue of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, which comes with homelessness and the trauma of losing many of the connections we take for granted.  

We are going on a journey together, so get ready to lose your arrested paradigm and look at today with new eyes.  

The solutions you see here work for all of us.  If you are homeless, elderly, can't afford medical care, have children, no savings, lost your home to mortgage fraud, took out student loan, suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or a combination of these we can help you partner to bring economic security back to America for all of us.   

Housing First is gaining momentum, but too slowly to help the many now dying of neglect and indifference across our nation.  Utah and North Carolina now have programs in place but these fail to account for the impact of health problems and neurological issues, for instance Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which made it impossible for the homeless to effectively change their lives.  

Health Portal speeds up recovery for most individuals.  When the mind is clear and anxiety and depression ceases we are freed to fulfill our full potential.